The Alchemist’s Bride – New Kindle Vella

Recently, I launched a brand new Kindle Vella. In addition to my ongoing stories, Dumaine Street, which has just reached its 33rd episode, and The Story of Enid, which has reached its 17th, I am introducing The Alchemist’s Bride. This tale is a bit of a departure for me, a paranormal romance taking place entirely in 1888 New Orleans. If you want something different and on the gothic side to read this holiday season, check out The Alchemist’s Bride. The first three episodes are always free to read at Kindle Vella.

Emmeline Lescale might as well be an orphan. Her mother is dead, and her father wants nothing to do with her. She has been raised by an aunt in Vacherie, LA and virtually treated as an unpaid servant. But suddenly, her neglectful father insists she come live with him. New Orleans in the 1880’s is no place for a proper young lady, especially when her father is embroiled with a mysterious young doctor whose interests venture deeply and dangerously into the world of the supernatural.

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