The Story of Enid – Old and New Territory

One of the most exciting aspects of being a writer is when a story or novel takes off in directions that you have not anticipated. Some novels I write are more well-plotted than others. Some have an overreaching arc and need details filled in. And then some hit major plot points but are largely unmapped. These are the ones that often have a life of their own. One of my current Kindle Vella Novels, The Story of Enid, a sequel to The Broken Vow, is indeed a novel that is taking off in unexpected directions.

The whole idea to write about this werewolf, Ethan Garraint/Etienne/or even Geraint from the Arthurian Tales if you’d rather, was an odd occurrence for me. The character first surfaced in a short story called “Wolves” and reappeared in a later tale, “The Broken Window.” At that point, it became clear to me that this particular character needed his own novel, which ultimately became The Broken Vow. The Story of Enid, its sequel, which I decided to flesh out in Kindle Vella, is more of a love story than The Broken Vow. It is essentially the tale of Ethan Garraint, torn between two women who happen to live in different eras and happen to possess the same spirit. It’s definitely taken some unexpected twists that I did expect  when I began.

I’ve just posted two new episodes this month on Kindle Vella. I hope you check out The Story of Enid and take this unanticipated journey with me.

(The first three episodes at Kindle Vella are always Free!)

When one realizes that a long-lost soulmate has been reincarnated, it poses some complications. When you have been a werewolf for nearly a millennium, the complications explode exponentially. Ethan Garraint understands that he should stay far away from Erin Holt, but she is in his city, New Orleans, and possibly in danger. And the truth is, he doesn’t want to stay away. He only wants to remind her of the lifetime they lived long ago, when they were more than lovers, when they became legend.

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