Evelyn Klebert

Paranormal and Esoteric Author

Step into Another World

As she concentrated her hands instinctively balled into fists. The outer bands of energy were, as she expected, not terribly strong, but any inclination that she placed here would be disregarded as a passing whim. She must go deeper. As her consciousness moved further inward, she could feel herself begin to draw closer to the core with very little effort. The power swept around her aggressively, and she began to experience a slight panic. It was so much more intense than she’d encountered before. It took only seconds to realize clearly that this was a mistake. This wouldn’t work. She was way over her head. With all the discipline she possessed, she tried to back away, but the tentacles of energy that had drawn her to this place wrapped firmly and completely around her.

The slight panic now exploded into fear. The realization hit hard. She had not been guided at all. It was he. He had called her, consciously or not. This man had summoned her. — A Quiet Moment