Pandemic Poetry

Well, a lot has happened lately. A rather substantial hurricane hit the New Orleans area, turning life upside down for a lot of people, and this pandemic has dragged on longer than I think anyone could imagine. In my own little world somewhere along the way, I started writing poetry again. I used to actually write it quite a bit. It’s very different, for me, from writing fiction or nonfiction. It’s sort of a quick, burst of creativity or emotion if you will. So, if you will indulge, I’ve decided to post one of my poems, from a building collection I call Pandemic Poetry.

Here We Are

And here we are
when it seems most quiet
when nary you can hear a pin drop.
And here we are, waiting for a sigh of relief
or that silent crash of a wave over our heads.
Have we all tripped into insanity
or has the worst really passed over,
because we want so much for it to?
Has it, has it really?
And have we taken all we should from this moment.
Have we done our very best,
or is all just careening around the corner?
Until we finally understand.

Copyright © 2021 by Evelyn Klebert


Things are not how I thought they would be.
Storms have swept in and broken our arranged lives apart.
We’ve had to rearrange, rethink, learn to be in a different space.
It can be difficult,
If we choose to look that way.
Or it can be filled with new nooks and different corners
Around where undiscovered treasure might lie.
And in a place, we wouldn’t have looked at all,
Wouldn’t have looked unless there had been the storms.

Copyright ©2020 by Evelyn Klebert



I can’t help but think about heaven.
Too many have left this world and traveled onward.
Trying at times to grip moments so tightly,
but understanding that they change, and will always.
So I take a deep breath,
and let it go.
And thank the ones who have crossed over
for all the special moments they gave me, lodged deep within my heart.
You never recognize them at the time,
just later,
the gifts, not until they’re gone,
can you really see.
So I take a deep breath and let go,
and remember to look around.
Because life is still filled with such treasures,
treasures past and those yet to come.

©2018 Evelyn Klebert