A Ghost of a Chance – Newly Revised

Just in time for the Halloween season, there is a vampire, a ghost, a writer, and at its heart an unforgettable love story. The newly revised edition of A Ghost of a Chance has just been released!!

You never know what’s coming next.

Jack Brennan, an ambitious high-powered attorney, dies. But that’s not the end, rather only the beginning. He finds himself constrained to an inexplicable afterlife as an earth-bound spirit trapped in an old Virginia farmhouse. His only companion is a very much living, reclusive writer of campy vampire novels. The maddening problem is that Hallie does not know he is there, nor that he is somewhat reluctantly falling in love with her.

Hallie Barkly is recovering from a painful and disillusioning divorce. Out of the ashes of her former life, she has managed to somehow forge a career and exorcise her demons by writing under the pseudonym of Sebastian Winters. Slowly, she is awakening to the fact that she is not alone.

Their lives intersect, and two unconventional lovers are brought together under insurmountable circumstances. Together they must battle an unseen force hell-bent on possessing Hallie’s life and bridge death itself to make possible what cannot be — to find a chance.

A Ghost of a Chance Book Excerpt

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