The Lady in the Blue Dress – Promo Video

Check out my new reel on instagram promoting The Lady in the Blue Dress.

If you haven’t dropped by Kindle Vella yet, all you have to do is type Kindle Vella into the Amazon search engine. The first three episodes of any Kindle Vella story are free, and once you log into your Amazon account, you can redeem 200 free tokens to use to unlock further episodes. Thus far, I have posted 13 episodes of The Lady in the Blue Dress. I hope you’ll drop by and try this new, innovative way of storytelling.

Mika Devalieur desperately wants to deny her beloved grandmother’s last wish, but she can’t. Reluctantly, she travels from New Orleans to rural Virginia to deliver a priceless Pre-Raphaelite painting into the hands of James Clairmont, someone she’s never laid eyes on before. But something isn’t right, and James Clairmont knows much more about her family and the painting than he is letting on. There are so many secrets about him, about her, and most especially, The Lady in the Blue Dress.

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