Autumn Sale – Cornerstone Books (25% Off Storewide)

Check out the Autumn Sale at my book publisher, Cornerstone Books. Their wide array of books are 25% Off Retail Price from September 4 – September 11. (Excluding previously discounted items) In addition to my books, there are a huge selection of esoteric books, masonic books, fiction and literature, Louisiana as well as many others. Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up.

The Astral Plane – Foreword

Recently, as a bit of a change of pace, I wrote a foreword for the Cornerstone Book Publishers edition of The Astral Plane by C.W. Leadbeater. Leadbeater was a fascinating figure, originally a young English minister, who became one of the leaders, along with Helena Blavatsky and Annie Besant, of the Theosophy Society towards the end of the nineteenth century. In The Astral Plane, Leadbeater gives a rather matter-of-fact roadmap through the Astral Plame, a place he describes as the closest spiritual dimension to our physical sphere. It’s a fascinating and enlightening read for anyone even remotely interested in esoteric studies.

The Prince Adept

I am pleased and so happy to announce this new release by an exciting author who just happens to be my son. The Prince Adept is a mesmerizing dark fantasy by Robert Leo Poll that plunges you into a magical but embattled landscape where the only hope for humanity lies in the hands of a desperate alliance of bedraggled and unlikely heroes. Take this epic and unforgettable journey this summer.

The book is now available at Cornerstone Book Publishers (Print $21.95 on Sale $17.56), Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and the eBook ($3.99) at Kindle, The Nook, I-Tunes, Kobo, and many other on-line retailers.


Deep within the murky depths of the ancient, ruined city known as Hiri Handi, a lost traveler gathers the last broken dregs of humanity into an alliance. The hope is to finally close the supernatural, primeval seal tied to the very heart of their world — a seal that was selfishly wrenched open long ago, plunging Hiri Handi into a horrific abyss of terror.

A story of monsters, magic, and madness, The Prince Adept is a dark tale centered around the subtle ties that bind all of humanity together.

Just Released – Appointment with the Unknown: The Hotel Stories

Searching for a little escapism? Or perhaps just a bit of a shift in the way you look at things. Well, I’m happy to announce that Appointment with the Unknown: The Hotel Stories has just been released on Cornerstone and Amazon.

A hotel for most represents a normal place, a predictable realm of commonality. One might even go as far to say a safe space, the reliable, where nothing particularly unusual is expected to happen. Or is it?

Drop into a collection of romantic paranormal stories where that place of commonality is only the threshold, the jumping off point for extraordinary adventures into the unknown.

In “Too Many Pens,” an artist finds a very routine stay at a hotel slowly transforming into a place of romance and mystery. “Slipping” is the story of a young woman finding herself threatened by unexpected interdimensional attacks. Two unique travelers find love and themselves trapped in a French Quarter hotel during an unexpected tropical tempest in “The Storm.” In, “The Armstrong,” two people from different eras try to bridge the gap of time itself in an old historic hotel. “Variables” tells the story of a dimension traveler battling to rescue a man from a devastating fate. And “Hotels in the Time of Covid,” explores a relationship between a news reporter and her spirit guide.

Follow the unpredictable lure of the supernatural in this collection of Hotel Stories.

Link to Book Excerpt