The Prince Adept

I am pleased and so happy to announce this new release by an exciting author who just happens to be my son. The Prince Adept is a mesmerizing dark fantasy by Robert Leo Poll that plunges you into a magical but embattled landscape where the only hope for humanity lies in the hands of a desperate alliance of bedraggled and unlikely heroes. Take this epic and unforgettable journey this summer.

The book is now available at Cornerstone Book Publishers (Print $21.95 on Sale $17.56), Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and the eBook ($3.99) at Kindle, The Nook, I-Tunes, Kobo, and many other on-line retailers.


Deep within the murky depths of the ancient, ruined city known as Hiri Handi, a lost traveler gathers the last broken dregs of humanity into an alliance. The hope is to finally close the supernatural, primeval seal tied to the very heart of their world — a seal that was selfishly wrenched open long ago, plunging Hiri Handi into a horrific abyss of terror.

A story of monsters, magic, and madness, The Prince Adept is a dark tale centered around the subtle ties that bind all of humanity together.

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