Dumaine Street

I am very excited to announce the launch of a brand new Kindle Vella story called Dumaine Street. I’ve so enjoyed my experience with writing episodes of The Lady in the Blue Dress that I decided to start a new paranormal romance embroiling a different sort of love story with some of my favorite places in New Orleans. As with all Kindle Vella Stories, the first three episodes are free and you can access the episodes through your Kindle or through your computer if you enter Kindle Vella. And as an added bonus, if this is your first time at Kindle Vella, you get your first 200 coins free. So I hope you drop in and check out Dumaine Street.

Dumaine Street

Voices in her head, catastrophic emotions, hallucinations, Rebecca Wells is more than convinced that she is losing her mind. And as a last-ditch effort, she contacts a self-professed counselor who seems convinced that he can help. Gabriel Sutton has abandoned the world of medicine to navigate a realm filled with psychic phenomena. Diagnosing Becca with extreme empathic abilities, he struggles to help her stabilize her gifts while trying desperately not to fall in love with his patient.

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