City of the Dead

Recently, I have featured one of my novels, Sanctuary of Echoes, on the home page of this website. The Metairie Cemetery, located in New Orleans, dominates and figures prominently in the plot of this particular book. I have spent a lot of time over the years walking its quiet pathways and taking photographs of its magnificent statues and structures. The site was actually previously a horse racing track, founded in 1838 and later converted into a cemetery in 1872. The cemeteries in the New Orleans area are often referred to as Cities of the Dead as so many ornate above-ground crypts exist that house generations of families. If you ever get the chance to spend some time walking through these old cemeteries, you’ll understand that instead of only a place to remember those who have passed on, the statuary and monuments stand as a type of museum, marking time with its haunting and exquisite craftsmanship. I’m posting some of the photographs below that I’ve taken over the years.

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