The Lady in the Blue Dress – Completed

I have just posted the 23rd episode of The Lady in the Blue Dress at Kindle Vella, so it is officially complete. I am very happy with the way the story turned out. At one point, I had adapted the premise into a short story, but I really think the longer version fleshes out the intricacies of the narrative much better. In any case, the story will remain posted at Kindle Vella if anyone wants to read it, but I also have plans of releasing it as a book and eBook later this Spring. I also still have another on-going story, Dumaine Street (nine episodes in), at Kindle Vella – just saying. 🙂 For those who are interested.

Take Care,

Evelyn K.

Mika Devalieur desperately wants to deny her beloved grandmother’s last wish, but she can’t. Reluctantly, she travels from New Orleans to rural Virginia to deliver a priceless Pre-Raphaelite painting into the hands of James Clairmont, someone she’s never laid eyes on before. But something isn’t right, and James Clairmont knows much more about her family and the painting than he is letting on. There are so many secrets about him, about her, and most especially, The Lady in the Blue Dress.

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